This package is perfect if you need music covered for all the areas or should you don’t have a band or artist covering any area. If you do have someone we can fill the breaks. This is for your Chapel, pre-drinks & Reception areas only. This package is also perfect if you like the Dance on Clouds + Mood Lighting. Please note this is still an entry level package with limited content based on the average venue size, should you wish to do it properly with sufficient equipment we would rather advise looking at the following package or choose the dance on clouds / mood lights mix-up option. Could also act as a nice inbetweener option, not too much, not too little.

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Areas Covered: Chapel, Pre-drinks & Reception
Backup Equipment Included
Cables & consumables
Coverage: 120 Pax
Duration: Max of 10 x Hour Service Only (cut off 23:59)
Extras: None
Lighting: 4 x Basic Dance Floor Lights on stand (1 x Led based light, 1 x Scanner, 1 x UV & 1 x Laser effect)
Lighting – Ambiance: 6 x Mood lights (Slim Pars)
Lighting – Special: None included
Microphones: 1 x Wireless Mic & Stand
Music: Background music as your guests arrive at your Chapel, during Pre-drinks & reception, before & over dinner plus dance floor music selected by you or us
Premeeting included on request at our premises / DJs location
Speakers: 4 x Active Top Speakers & Stands (1 x Speaker Pre-setup @ Chapel,1 x Speaker @ your Predrinks area & 2 Speakers @ the Reception Area)
Staff: 1 x Professional DJ
Setup: Included DJ Setup 3 Hours Prior to event & Strike 1 Hour after event (excluded from inclusive hours) – Max of 3 x Full Professional Sound Setup (PA system) for Chapel, Pre-drinks & Reception.
Special Effects: 1 x Small bubble machine to be used as confetti only.
1 x Smoke machine for your dance floor area
1 x High Performance Low Level Fogger + 7 Kg Dry ice (For your 1st dance / Dance on clouds)
Mix it up: Swop out the 6 included mood lights for 2 x High Performance Low Level Foggers + 14 Kg Dry ice (For your 1st dance / Dance on clouds) or swop out the Low Level Fogger + 7 Kg Dry for 12 x Mood lights (Slim Pars)
Technical: 1 x 6 Channel Mixer + Laptop.
Travel: 150 Km Travel Included (75Km To the Venue & 75Km back To the DJ’s Location / our premises)
Visual: None included