Matric Farewell Advanced


This is an advanced setup for the average setup done for bigger Matric Farewells Only.

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Areas Covered: Arrivals & Reception
Backup Equipment Included
Cables & consumables
Coverage: 200 Pax
Duration: Max of 7 x Hour Service Only (cut off 23:59)
Extras: None
Lighting: 8 x Advanced Dance Floor Lights on stand (2 x Led based light, 1 x Scanner, 1 x Strobe, 2 x UV & 2 x Laser effect)
Lighting – Ambiance: 12 x Mood lights (Slim Pars)
Lighting – Special: None included
Microphones: 2 x Wireless Mic & Stand
1 x Headset Mic
Music: Speaker setup @ your Arrivals for announcements, Background music as your guests arrive at your Reception area, before & over dinner plus dance floor music selected by you or us
Premeeting included on request at our premises / DJs location
Speakers: 5 x Active Top Speakers & Stands (1 x Speaker Pre-setup @ Arrivals & 4 x Speaker @ your Reception)
2 x 15-inch Subwoofer (For that proper kick to your music / bass)
Staff: 1 x Professional DJ
Setup: Included DJ Setup 2 Hours Prior to event & Strike 1 Hour after event (excluded from inclusive hours) – Max of 2 x Full Professional Sound Setup (PA system) for selected setup area.
Special Effects: 1 x Smoke machine for your dance floor area
Technical: 1 x 6 Channel Mixer / Controller + Laptop.
Travel: 100 Km Travel Included (50Km To the Venue & 50Km back To the DJ’s Location / our premises)
Visual: None included